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Pelvic Tilting and your Health.

What is a pelvic tilt?

How does it affect you? Amongst other things:

  1. More flexibility in the lower (lumbar) spine.  Ultimately, less discomfort, as well as less risk of injury.

  2. Improved abdominal activity; the intestines get an internal massage and function more efficiently.

  3. Strengthened abdominal muscles; less risk of hernias.

  4. Has a knock-on effect on the neck.  Because the lower back starts to free up, over time the neck also changes.

  5. When you start to strengthen and operate from your pelvis, other groups of muscles that you were using unnecessarily for specific tasks, in particular your lower back muscles) are freed up.

  6. Improved balance due to the centre of the body becoming more mobile and flexible.

You tilt the pelvis without realising it. Every time that you sit down, you do a pelvic tilt; it might not be conscious, but nevertheless it happens.  Most people sit down by first of all bending their knees, and then secondly by adjusting their pelvis as a secondary activity.

In tai chi & qigong.

Lumbar flexibility. I have found that most people are not very flexible in the lumbar region, but this doesn’t mean that you cannot become so.  In fact, with practise, it will quickly start to become natural, bringing many benefits to the digestive organs as well as to the spine, your posture, and your balance. There may be initial discomfort as you start to change things, but it will be worth it. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ James Drewe teaches Taijiquan and qigong in both London and in Kent. Details of weekly classes can be found on the website, and there are classes for 2-person Taijiquan on one Saturday a month.


Phone: 07836-710281 or 020-8883 3308 _______________________________________________________________________________________________

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