A 'Moving' Qigong & Sun Style Tai Chi Course

This course of 6 classes consists of:

1) Cardiovascular Qigong

2) Sun style 12-Step Tai Chi Form


1) Cardiovascular Qigong (set 2*):

  • This is a set of 8 exercises for the cardiovascular system.

  • The set is designed to support and strengthen the energy of the Heart through stretching and twisting movements, and the use of acupressure points.

  • It is a set of 'moving' qigong because it does not involve holding any postures, and the movements flow from one posture to another.

  • The set uses the concept of 'Open & Close' to pump and activate the body.

  • The set is preventative; this is to say that although it might benefit people with a heart condition, its function is not to heal problems in the cardiovascular system, but is intended to stop them occurring. 

  • * Although this is 'set 2', this is a 'stand alone' set and it isn't necessary to learn set 1 first.

2) Sun style 12-Step Tai Chi Form

  • This set of movements is ideal for learning the basics of Sun style tai chi.

  • Unlike some tai chi forms, it requires very little space.

  • In the course you will learn more about grounding, posture, and stepping in tai chi.

  • You will find out how to use your 'centre' or 'dantian'.

  • The form is modular, and can be added to by doing it 'in mirror'.

Cost of course: £78 (6 hours)