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On-Demand Videos

By signing up to the Subscription part of the site, you can access all material for free for 5 days.

After this, there is a monthly subscription which can be cancelled at any time via the 'LOG IN' on the Homepage.

The video collection consists of:-

1) Short videos (anything from 4-20 minutes long) on a wide variety of topics.

2) Videos that focus on either a set of Qigong exercises or on a particular Tai Chi Form.

3) 55-minute class videos consisting of 

  • Warm-Ups

  • Some Qigong

  • A Tai Chi Form

[Please note: All videos are time-indexed immediately after the opening titles].

When using the full-length class videos, if you are only interested in the Tai Chi Form, this usually, but not always, takes place during the last 30 minutes.  However, other Form-related exercises might well be in the first 30 minutes, e.g. how to step correctly, how to 'open/close', how to lift or lower the arms, how to use the pelvis, etc., and you may also find some of this information in the 'Short Videos' section.

Subscription Videos

Short Videos

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