Live Stream Classes

Currently Live-Streaming classes on Zoom 2 days a week.

These will be 1 hour classes.

November/December times :-

Thursday: 12.00-1.00pm

Friday:      12.00-1.00pm

Payment: You can try out the 1st session for £5. 

Following that, payment is done online.

Logon:  Click here (save link for all sessions)

The live-stream classes consist of both tai chi and qigong and we work on anything out of the following:-

  • Warm-ups

  • Qigong for the immunity & health

  • Stretch exercises

  • Posture

  • Balance

  • Coordination

  • Relaxation and how to move 'correctly'

  • Sinking your 'qi'

  • The Sun 12-Step tai chi Form

  • Abdominal breathing

  • Balance & posture

  • The Ba Duan Jin (8 Strands of the Brocade).

Payment (following the 1st trial class): Please see the PDF above


Videos: After each session a video of that session will be available on the website.

When to pay: Payments are by the course (6 weeks).

Bank details are here.

Please click on the button below if you would like to try it out.

What people say...

"Your breathing technique is helping tremendously my breathlessness which is due to copd (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and atrial fibrillation. I was quite skeptical at the beginning but really noticed how my shortness of breath has improved since I practice the technique." Renee F.

"I've been meaning to write for a while now to say how great the lessons are, I'm enjoying them immensely.  All the additional details you've managed to throw in - the breathing, traditional Chinese way of looking at things, the philosophy and such - just add another fascinating layer to everything, at least as far as I'm concerned.  Not that you were ever teaching us exclusively movements and a robot-like transition between postures but I am so grateful that you've used this Zoom period to not only keep teaching us but also to add so much depth to the lessons, with screen sharing and all the other details, as we have the time for it.  And sure, it's challenging sometimes without being corrected but overall, I hope you know that the lessons are light years away from "a bare minimum"."  Dr. Nat S.

"Thought I should reply to this lesson. It was a very relaxing session. I was really listening and following the instructions but somehow, when, i am not sure, i drifted off and started to sway..... (there were moments when i thought i was going to fall off my chair!) though i was able to keep my back aligned, i think. 

Though from that point onwards, I was so relaxed that i didn't take in any instructions other than the word 'perineum'!. The next moment I opened my eyes you're standing up and it was closing time.

It was a very relaxing meditation to me.... I think I will have to watch it again. 

Thanks... I will sleep well tonight for sure...." Jackie W.

"Just wanted to thank you for the class today.  I feel a burden has been lifted  - you have given context/understanding about some things I’ve  struggled with for years both in meditation and movement.  So often energetic things can be misused so I have been reluctant to mention it to others."  Rachel M.

"Many thanks James for today. I was looking forward to it but unsure what it would be like. I Just got so much out of it. 

In terms of Covid, your explanations made me think that the Virus was like a petrol bomb going off ! So, what you explained about the depth of the breathing in the lungs, diaphragm movement, body heat, anxiety and heart are all areas of my body that were affected and looking back, probably in that order. 

Today’s session felt like Covid in reverse - a cure at last !!!!"  Dan L.

"Just a word of appreciation for how you were teaching Repulse Monkey during yesterday’s session: brilliant! I feel like I’ve understood that great move more deeply than ever before."  John N.

"I’d just like to say how much I look forward to your class each day and am really hoping that you will be able to continue to provide Zoom classes when things get back to normal.. unfortunately I live too far away to attend in person. I have learnt so much more than I have in five years of attending my local class (although to give him his due, those are only weekly-and I have been following you for six days a week."  Jill B.

"Just a quick note to tell you that I am starting to feel my fingers slightly buzzing & heavy after doing the qi qong exercises which I never experienced before. I know you mentioned this phenomenon many times but I never felt it, so it is quite reassuring to know that I have a slight improvement in using my body (particularly my torso properly) & relaxing enough to feel the energy reaching my fingers!! Very chuffed indeed."  Magdalen F.