Live Stream Classes

** There is a half term in the middle of the next 2 weeks **

Please email for details and dates

(Times remain the same on the class days)

Currently Live-Streaming classes on Zoom 6 days a week.

The times are usually:-

Monday:       11.00am-12.00pm

Tuesday:       4.00pm-5.00pm

Wednesday: 11.00am-12.00pm

Thursday:     11.00am-12.00pm

Friday:           4.00pm-5.00pm

Saturday:     11.00am-12.00pm

* There may be some variation to these times occasionally.

Payment: You can try out the 1st session for free. 

Following that, payment is done online.

The live-stream classes consist of both tai chi and qigong and

we work on anything out of the following:-

  • Warm-ups,

  • Qigong for the Immune System

  • Qigong for Health Preservation

  • Support the Lungs (Qigong for the Lungs recently developed in China in December for prevention of pneumonia and to help combat Coronavirus)

  • Stretch exercises

  • Work on relaxation and how to move 'correctly'

  • The Yang 10-Step tai chi Form

  • Abdominal breathing

  • Balance & posture

  • The Ba Duan Jin (8 Strands of the Brocade).

Payment (following the 1st trial class):

There are 6 classes in any given week (Monday to Saturday).

  • 1st lesson is £10

  • 2nd, 3rd, 4th lessons are £3 per class

  • 5th & 6th lessons - no charge (assuming you've done the first 4!).

Videos: After each session you will receive a video of that session (unless the technology goes wrong which it has on a couple of occasions).

If you are using the videos as a replacement for the live session, they should be paid for as though you'd attended the live session.  If you are using them as refreshers, then there is no need to pay. 

Financial difficulty - which I know applies to a few.  If this applies to you and you feel awkward about it, pay what you feel you are able to pay, or if unable to pay, then don't pay.  I'd much rather that you took part than didn't!


When to pay: Payments should be weekly.  I suggest that you do it as the end of the week when you know how many classes you've taken, whether Live Stream or on video.

Bank details are here.

Please click on the button below if you would like to try it out.

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