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Health Benefits of Tai Chi

Tai Chi originated from China and has fast become a sensation across the UK, its popularity having arisen due to easy access, it's gentle movements, and that all ages are able to participate.  Its aim is to increase both relaxation and mindfulness.  Along with the physical health benefits, it's not surprising that the exercise has become a success.  Throughout this blog, we will go through those health benefits, which will give you an insight into what Tai Chi can do for you if you were to take part.

Increase Strength and Flexibility

When Tai Chi is practiced on a regular basis it will increase both lower and upper body strength; a session of Tai Chi is the equivalent of going on a brisk walk or attending the gym for resistance training.  Tai Chi also increases flexibility and improves balance; studies have found that tai chi exercise reduces the fear of falling and the risk of falls among older people.  The exercise also helps improve strength and elasticity in the tendons which can contribute to an increase in flexibility.


Through the use of Tai Chi and its meditative aspect, there can also be a reduction in inflammation levels in older adults, which can be a cause of sleep deprivation.  Not only has the quality of sleep been seen to improve, but also the length of time that tai chi participants sleep has increased.


There have been studies into the use of Tai Chi and how it relates to helping those with osteoarthritis.  It was found that the people struggling with osteoarthritis were feeling less joint pain and stiffness in these areas.

Psychological Benefits

Mental strength is important for a healthy body, and Tai Chi is widely known as a powerful mind-body exercise.  Because your body starts to function better, and because you are working on your posture, you start to feel more 'balanced' in other ways also.  This really IS a mind-body relationship exercise.  By working on your body, your circulation improves, your nervous system calms, your organs start to function more efficiently, and all of these factors alter the way that you both think and feel.

Improves Posture

Bad posture can affect everything in your day to day life.  This includes, sitting, standing, walking, running and jumping.  Tai Chi’s slow motion approach allows for and encourages correct body alignment which in turn enables you to relieve the stress on your joints, tendons and muscles, and therefore improves your posture.

Here at Taiji and Qigong we look to improve your health and strength through Tai Chi as well as increasing your self-defence skills. We provide classes throughout the week for all ages and all skill levels, both in person and online.


To find the best class for you and for any advice contact us on 07836-710281 or fill in our online form and we will get back to you.

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