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The Health Benefits of Taiji for Arthritis and Joint Pain

Our Taiji (or Tai Chi) classes in London and Kent have many health benefits both physical and mental, and one of those benefits is improving arthritic and joint pain.  Its gentle, fluid movements help to increase mobility and comfort in arthritic or painful joints whilst also serving as light exercise for your muscles and tendons.

Exercise is important

Exercising arthritic joints and painful joints is integral to improving their comfortable use.  If you don’t strengthen them and keep them mobile, then they can become stiffer leading to a more serious complication.  When we say ‘exercise’, we don’t mean anything strenuous, we mean a carefully constructed program to increase your flexibility, your muscular support around the joints, and your mobility.


Improved Flexibility

Tai Chi uses a series of movements and breathing exercises to improve the flexibility in arthritic joints.  Where stiffness causes pain and immobility, Tai Chi relieves pain and increases mobility.  It gently moves all of the joints, muscles, and tendons throughout the body with controlled breathing and focus.  Repeated Taiji classes bring movements back to stiff joints, and home exercises will help to continue your progress between sessions.


Improved Muscular Strength

Improved muscular strength supports the joints, helping to keep your body strong and displacing some of the strain.  This minimises the likelihood of injury and reduces pain, but it also helps you to be comfortably more active.  With consistent Taiji and Qigong classes, this muscular strength and comfort during exercise is only expected to increase.  This is why our classes can greatly improve the quality of life of participants with arthritis and joint pain, because we can reintroduce activity and strength to diminished joints.


Improved Balance and Fall Advantage

For some of our more mature attendees, Taiji and Qigong classes are especially useful in improving their balance and lessening their risk of falling.  By strengthening the muscles around arthritic joints and keeping the joints themselves active and mobile, those participating will find that they have greater control and awareness of their body.  With improved balance, the likelihood of preventable falls decreases.


Suitable for All Ages

One of the best things about the nature of Taiji and Qigong classes is that they are suitable for all ages and abilities.  Because Tai Chi and Qigong are progressive exercises, you will notice your skills and fluidity increasing with each class.  It does not require special equipment or clothing and does not take up a lot of space, so you can experience the benefits both during your home exercises & practise, as well as in a communal class.


If you or someone close to you suffers from arthritis or joint pain, enrolling in Qigong classes in London and Kent could improve their quality of life.


For more information on our in person and online classes, please Contact us or call us directly on 07836 710281 to discuss our available classes.   

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