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What is Tai Chi?

​Tai Chi is both an exercise for improving and maintaining good health, as well as a martial art designed for self-defence.  It is also often spoken about as a form of ‘meditation in motion’ or ‘meditation in movement’ as it promotes a sense of inner peace and tranquillity.  Whether you refer to it as ‘T’ai Chi’ (the Wade Giles method of Romanising words), or ‘Taiji’ (the Pinyin or modern way), it is short for ‘T’ai Chi Ch’uan’ or Taijiquan, which both can be translated as ‘Supreme Ultimate Fist’.


Tai Chi is a popular form of exercise for people of all ages and abilities, offering a wide range of physical, mental and emotional benefits to those who practice it.

There is a range of Tai Chi benefits to enjoy, whatever your age


Depending to a certain extent on the type of Tai Chi being practiced, it is considered very safe for people of all ages, as it exercises joints and muscles without placing too much stress on them.  Therefore, this also makes Tai Chi an ideal form of exercise for people with either rheumatoid or osteoarthritis, as well as offering a wide range of other benefits:


  • Relief of stress, anxiety, tension and depression

  • Increased levels of relaxation, calmness and confidence

  • Gently improved muscle tone, co-ordination, balance and good posture

  • Research also suggests Tai Chi reduces falls in the elderly

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Tai Chi is effectively having your own personal gym without needing any equipment (unless you’re learning movements with weapons), and you can practice it either in groups or on your own.


There is a range of Tai Chi styles to suit your needs


Whilst Tai Chi is often talked about as being an ancient martial art, it first appeared in records from the 1700s onwards.  Whilst there are many different family styles, there are five major styles practiced throughout China and the West:

  • Chen style

  • Yang style

  • Wu-Hao style

  • Wu style

  • Sun style

At Taiji and Qigong, we teach a wide variety of Tai Chi forms, as well as Pushing Hands, Da Lu, Applications of the Forms and Fa-Jing techniques.  If you’re interested in taking Tai Chi classes in London or Kent, take a look at our Classes & Prices to find what you’re looking for.

For more information about the wide range of Tai Chi benefits you can experience and our classes (both online & in person)

Call 07836-710281 or contact us online today.

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