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Why Londoners Should Take Up Tai Chi

London’s population is estimated at sitting at over 9 million people, which is huge just for one city. There is always something going on within the city’s confines and in its neighbouring boroughs, and that’s part of its world-renowned charm. Day or night, you will always find something to do in London. However, this kind of bustling and thriving city can take its toll on a lot of people, which is why it’s important to have an oasis of calm. This blog post reflects why Londoners should take up Tai Chi classes.


Relaxing in a Busy World

There’s so much going on in London, you may struggle for time to stop and think. In such a busy city with so much to do, it can be difficult to take a moment or two for yourself. The rush and stress that London life can come to represent is eased with Tai Chi classes because they allow you the time to collect your thoughts and energies and focus solely on your being. This means letting go of the stresses and ties of everyday life and embracing a mindful session of movement.


Movement and Circulation for Desk Jobs

London is also a huge centre for office jobs, whether they’re creative or financial, which means millions of people do their work sitting down every day. Desk jobs keep you stationary and can therefore slow your circulation, cause stiff joints, and decrease your mobility and flexibility. Tai Chi and Qigong classes promote movement to increase your circulation, provide light exercise and stretching, and move your joints to keep you mobile when you’ve been sat at the desk all day.


Reducing Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

Even transport within London is teaming with life, so it isn’t just jobs and families that mean we’re exposed to stress or personal discomfort. London jobs are highly competitive and stressful for everyone, so taking the time to perform your own meditation and self care is crucial to lessening anxiety, stress, and depression. Tai Chi classes and Qigong help to relevel your mind and increase your relaxation.


Join Tai Chi Classes in London and Kent Today

Join James Drewe for Tai Chi and Qigong classes in London for increased levels of relaxation, reduced stress, and light physical exercise that will help to keep you mobile and flexible.

Contact us today or call us directly on 07836 710281 to find out about our classes across East Finchley, Westminster, Dartford, Kent, the West End, New Ash Green, and Sevenoaks.

We even offer sessions online via Zoom!

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