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Tai Chi workout tips

Beginners of Tai Chi may find the movements unusual at the start, however, with time and by learning the correct way to perform the movements, you will learn how to perform this gentle workout comfortably.  Although most skills can be learned, the principles of tai chi have to be embodied.  Throughout this blog, we will give you tips on getting the most of out of your gentle workout when performing Tai Chi in London.


Comfortable Clothing

It is helpful to wear suitable clothing.  Wearing tight, heavy clothing will not help you to perform your workout successfully.  Loose clothing, e.g. shorts, sweatpants, loose trousers, and t-shirts are the best type of clothing to wear.  Not only will you be able to move your body freely, you will feel more comfortable which will make the experience more enjoyable.

Tai Chi Practice

Warming up

Before starting any physical activity it’s vital that you warm up.  This will loosen your muscles which helps to prevent injury.  Some simple warm-up exercises for beginners can be;

  • Breathing – Many people have developed poor breathing habits, so practicing longer and smoother breaths, will help you develop your Tai Chi.

  • Gentle body movements - Loosening the knees by gently bouncing, or swinging the arms gently in front and behind you to loosen the spine.

Set a regular practice time

Regular practise is a good thing.  The best time of day to practise is first thing in the morning.  It is always very hard to change one's routine, but if you can get out of bed a couple of minutes earlier than usual, and use that time to practise, it will not feel so much as though you are cramming more into your day.  Apart from anything else, the air is fresher at this time.

Pick a workout class 

Joining a regular class in London or Kent will give you the right environment and the right group of people to get into good practising habits.  Choosing a regular class will make it easier for you to learn correctly, which will help your practise.

Getting the most out of your workout 

Planning your practise will make the workout more efficient and will improve the results; with a good structure to your practise, you will get the most out of your workout. 

It’s best to structure it with a gentle warm up to begin, then by performing several repetitions of any part of the Tai Chi form that you are learning.  To finish, cool down with gentle movements and breathing to prevent injuries.

Here at Taiji and Qigong, we are able to give you detailed advice on any of the subjects we have mentioned.


To get in contact with us to book your Tai Chi lesson either online via Zoom, or in person in London or Kent, call 07836-710281.

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