Booking a Trial Class or Course



The 1st class of any Beginners courses that you come to is a 'Trial Session' which can be paid for as a 'one-off' (£5).  This doesn't have to be the 1st class of the course.  If you join up after the course has started, you will not be charged for the classes that you have missed.  See also 'What does it cost?' below.

As well as being a highly accessible martial art for self defence, Tai Chi is an easy way for all people to improve and maintain their physical health and emotional well-being.  Here at Taiji and Qigong, we understand taking up new physical hobbies and pastimes can be daunting, but our Tai Chi for beginners will give you a gentle and highly enjoyable introduction to this wonderful martial art.  Our teacher, James Drewe, is an experienced teacher and ensures our Tai Chi classes for beginners give you the foundation you need to progress well.


As it doesn’t place excessive stress on your joints, our Tai Chi for beginners is the perfect form of exercise for every age and ability.


Our Tai Chi for beginners in London and Kent

The first session of a Beginners’ Course you attend is regarded as a 'Trial Session', which you can pay a ‘one-off’ fee of £5. You will be given an explanation of what Tai Chi is and why people do it.  You will start to learn the Tai Chi form, and this gives you the foundation you need to continue in subsequent lessons.


With classes throughout London and Kent, you’re sure to find our Tai Chi classes for beginners near to you.


Reasons people choose Tai Chi

People choose our Tai Chi classes for beginners for a wide range of reasons, such as increased levels of relaxation, to improve muscle tone, fitness, balance, coordination, and even to alleviate feelings of depression, stress, tension and anxiety.


Our Tai Chi for beginners will help you to develop a better awareness of your own body, and has been shown to be effective in preventing the elderly from falling, amongst a whole host of other benefits.


Why choose Tai Chi for beginners with James Drewe?

With more than 42 years’ experience of Tai Chi and the author of three books on Tai Chi and Qigong, teacher James Drewe understands the unique challenges beginners in Tai Chi face and how to ensure you’re well-equipped with the knowledge you need to progress to the level you want.

For more information about Tai Chi for beginners in London and Kent with Taiji and Qigong, don’t hesitate to call us on 0208 883 3308 or get in touch with us online today.

What to wear

Please wear loose comfortable clothing, and shoes that are as flat as possible.

What does it cost?

To try out a class costs £5.  

You can pay this online, or in cash on the day.

Methods of payment

If you would like to pay for the course, either (a) send a cheque to the following:-


** Please write your name, and the class you'd like to attend, on the back of the cheque.**

A/C Name: Taiji

A/C: 92111043

S/C: 09-01-28
55 Huntingdon Road,
London N2 9DX.

or (b) you can pay online to the following:-