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Turning the Head & Neck

Updated: Jul 1, 2023


Try turning the head the wrong way first. Lift your chin and push it slightly forwards. Now try turning your head in that position.

What happens when you turn your head?



Now try the right way. After an initial ‘mechanical’ tryout in which you are likely to overdo it, go for a very subtle version where you almost appear to do nothing. This latter version is nearer how it ought to be done, and if you don’t try too hard and observe within yourself, you’ll notice that your shoulders automatically settle also. If they don’t, the release isn’t complete. After the release, you are then ready to turn your head.

Gardening When we ‘turn the head’, we think of turning it using the neck and also pivoting the head on the ‘atlas’ – that’s the one at the top.


So when turning the head, try thinking of the rotational point as being a little further down your back; it’s a little like having the head rotating on a garden dibber.

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