Payment information

Trial session

To try any class, you can either pay £5 on the day, or pay online (or by cheque).

If your trial session is at any stage after the term has begun, you will not be charged for the classes that you have missed.

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Methods of payment

If you would like to pay for the course, either (a) send a cheque to the following:-
55 Huntingdon Road,
London N2 9DX.

** Please write your name and the day/time of the class, on the back of the cheque.

Monzo Business A/C

A/C Name: (or 'James Drewe' if that is not accepted)

S/C: 04-00-04

A/C: 56615427

or (c) you can pay online to the Monzo account...........

or (b) you can pay cash on the day