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Payment information

Trial session

To try any class, you can either pay £5 on the day, or pay online (see bank details below).

If you decide to continue, the £5 is deducted from the course fee.

If your trial session is at any stage after the term has begun, you will not be charged for the classes that you have missed; the course fee will be worked out pro-rata, and the £5 deducted from the number of classes that you attend.

Group doing tai chi in China
Tai Chi sword in a Beijing park
Methods of payment

If you would like to pay for the course, you can either:-

Monzo Business A/C

A/C Name: (or 'James Drewe' if that is not accepted)

S/C: 04-00-04

A/C: 56615427

(b) you can pay online to the Monzo account...........

(a) you can pay cash on the day, or

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