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2-Person Exercises in Taiji – Maintaining Your Integrity (4)

Continuing … the next point from Blog 1

What’s the point of 2-person work?

  1. To understand our own stability is obvious when we’re standing on one leg, it’s simply a case of ‘balance’; but it’s less easy to understand when we’re on two legs, with someone pushing us.

  2. Working with a partner gives you the opportunity to understand and learn how to sink your qi.

Change & Testing This is about stability, muscular interconnection (Peng), and sinking qi, Generally people find it hard to understand their what they are trying to do when in the role of tester (rather than the person being tested).

James & M.Wang (4)

… Continued in the final blog on “2-Person Exercises in Taiji – Maintaining Your Integrity (5)”.

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