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Intention… How Effective was your Lobotomy?

Intention. Nothing much happens without intention. Creation ceases.  The driving force is lost.

Intention 1

Unintended outcomes.

Intention 3

And there are also degrees of intention.  How much do you want to achieve something? Massively?  Or would it just be nice if it happened, i.e. no real intention?  Or somewhere in between?

How does this relate to tai chi and qigong? Both tai chi and qigong are to do with understanding the process of constant change (in life), and with creating change (in one’s own life).  By understanding change and by working with it so that change works in a constructive way for you is (to be a bit 60s about it) ‘going with the flow’. Both taiji ang qigong are driven by intention.

If you want energy to move through the body, if you want to create change, you need the intention to do so. In tai chi and qigong, you learn to coordinate the body so as to make changes as efficiently and effortlessly as possible, so that it feels physically easy, and as though only the thought produced the result. When you move in this way, you know without question that your tai chi or qigong movement was correct, that every cog in the mechanism was well oiled and functioning perfectly, … that you got it ‘right’.

Observing. Without intention we are sitting in life’s armchair watching the show; we are observers.  This is not to say that this is a bad thing, far from it, because in both tai chi and qigong you not

Intention 4

All of us are more relaxed when we know where we are going both physically and metaphorically. Once you have the plan, you can enjoy the journey there.

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