The Use of the Pelvis; Lifting the Knee

In both in taiji and in qigong there is often the need to raise the knee, either to kick, or perhaps as an exercise for the pelvis, or perhaps just to take a step. As in raising your arm efficiently, there is a similar method with the leg.

What happens inside you when you lift your knee? There are several muscles involved in lifting the leg.  If all you want to know is which are the main muscles used to do the job, then they are:

  1. The Rectus Femoris

  2. The Iliacus

  3. The Iliopsoas

For the purpose of this Blog (because it relates to the previous Blog), the only one I am interested in is the last of the three – the Iliopsoas, often referred to as the ‘psoas’.

The nature of all muscles.

Muscle mechanics 1
Muscle mechanics 2

Psoas & Iliacus 3
Psoas & Iliacus 2

Lifting your knee. The act of lifting your knee is a contraction.  The supports (attachments) at either end are trying to pull together… but you don’t want both of them to move.

Crane leg lift 2

Give up those high heels when doing tai chi and qigong. Wearing very high heels, which throw the pelvis and bottom backwards, will make it more difficult (if not impossible) to lift the knee high. I must give them up…

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