What is a Tai Chi ‘Form’?

Is Tai Chi just a sequence of movements? In a previous blog, I mentioned something that had happened many years ago in a class: I had a student who, through my own inexperience of teaching, learnt the Yang Long Form in 2 terms, and when we’d reached the end and I suggested that we look at it in more detail, he said, “Thanks, but I don’t really need to; I now know tai chi”. Of course, he didn’t know tai chi; at best he had memorised a sequence of arm and leg movements.

Performing There are many definitions of the word “Perform”, e.g.: To begin and carry through to completion Fulfill To enact (a feat or role) before an audience.

So, do you ‘per-Form’ (‘carry the movements through to completion’) from inside you, from the heart, with sensitivity, with feeling, with intention, with connective awareness, with poise, with equilibrium, with relaxation and softness, whilst working with the movement of your Qi? Or, do you focus on how you position your hands and feet, on what comes next, on whether your knee is aligned with your toes, or if your bottom is sticking out, etc.?


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