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Has your Balloon Got a One-Sided Leak?

When it feels right.

How do you encourage it? To feel balanced, the body constantly needs to behave like a balloon.

When you manage to accommodate all the criteria – front back, left right, up down – correctly, you know you have got it right without being told … it just feels right … the melon can’t fall over!  But if it’s loaded on one side….

So what’s the title all about? Simply that, when blowing up a balloon, the rubber expands equally across its

If your body were a castle, you would defend all sides of it equally and wouldn’t leave any gaps for the opposition to sneak in. So when moving in tai chi and qigong, no part of you should be ignored; the movement of one part of you (arm, leg, shoulder, back, chest, knee, etc.) should be reflected across the body; a balance needs to be maintained.

Details of Tai chi and Qigong classes with James Drewe here.

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