Taiji and Qigong in London and Kent

Taiji (or Tai Chi) and Qigong are disciplines that use movement, meditation, and breathing to improve both your health and mobility.  Tai Chi is also a martial art and can be used for self-defence.   At Taiji and Qigong in London and Kent, you will learn to increase your energy, focus, and concentration so as to improve mindfulness, body awareness, and your body’s ability to move.

Day/Time:          Tuesdays from 7th Sept. (12.00-1.00pm): Tai Chi & Qigong
 from 8th Sept. (6.30-7.30pm): Qigong & Medit.

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Course:                13 weeks + a half term

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Cost:                      £156 (£234 for both courses)

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Tai Chi and Qigong

On demand Classes

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The Benefits of Tai Chi

  • Relief from stress and anxiety

  • Relief from depression and tension

  • Increased mindfulness

  • Improved physical fitness

  • Higher levels of relaxation

  • Improved muscle tone

  • Increases the mobility of arthritic joints

  • Better coordination and balance

  • Good for all ages and abilities

  • Good for the joints

Tai Chi has many health benefits both physically and mentally and involves learning how to move efficiently.  Tai Chi aims to improve your fluidity of movement as well as giving each movement a purpose, working to tone your muscles and rebalance both your body and your mind.


Qigong Lessons in London and Kent

Qigong is a holistic discipline that coordinates body posture, movement, breathing, and meditation in order to improve your health.  By practising Qigong, you are aiming to increase your energy levels, improve your muscle tone and posture, and find balance within the body.  Like Tai Chi, Qigong is suitable for all ages and abilities as it improves joint mobility and mindfulness.

Why you should choose Taiji and Qigong Classes with James Drewe

James Drewe has been studying Tai Chi and Qigong since 1975 and teaching the disciplines since 1988, and is the author of three books on the subjects.  James has been studying the Chinese Health Arts for many decades, is a recognised and highly experienced instructor, and shares his knowledge and practice in his Tai Chi and Qigong classes in Kent and London.  An Instructor Member of the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain and qualified teacher of Dr Lam’s Tai Chi for Arthritis, classes with James Drewe are open to every ability and age.

Find Your Nearest Tai Chi and Qigong Class

There are regular classes in East Finchley, Westminster, West End (2 venues in Euston)Sevenoaks (3 venues), and near Dartford, Kent.  

To find out more about Tai Chi and Qigong classes both in London and Kent, call 0208 883 3308 or contact us online today.