Qigong & Tai Chi Classes, West End, Euston, Camden, Kings Cross, NW1

Why choose Taji and Qigong for your Camden & Central London classes?

When you come to our Camden or Central London Tai Chi and Qigong lessons, you will be taught by James Drewe who is highly experienced.

With over 25 years’ experience in teaching Tai Chi and Qigong, James has written three books on the subject and has studied both Tai Chi hand and sword forms, as well as Qigong, with the best Chinese and English teachers.  He has a wealth of experience in a wide range of health arts and is both a qualified acupuncturist as well as a qualified teacher.

You can rest assured that, when you come for our Qigong and Tai Chi classes in Camden & Central London, James will help you to develop your knowledge, skills and techniques, helping you to find the balance you’re looking for with Tai Chi and Qigong.

Basil Jellicoe Hall, Drummond Crescent, NW1 1LE.

At Taiji and Qigong, we offer Qigong and Tai Chi classes in Central London for people of all ages and abilities at BASIL JELLICOE HALL.

Our Qigong and Tai Chi lessons will help you to become more coordinated, improve your balance and feel calmer. Throughout your Tai Chi classes in Camden & Central London, your physical and mental health will improve and you’ll have far more energy in your everyday life.


Based at Basil Jellicoe Hall, our Qigong and Tai Chi classes in Central London & Camden are highly accessible no matter where you live in London, with extensive transport links.

Sword classes in Camden & Central London

We also offer sword classes in Camden & Central London, available to Tai Chi and Qigong practitioners of all levels. You have the opportunity to learn the double edged ‘jian’ or sword, and the broadsword or sabre.  Both sword forms are elegant and graceful and a pleasure to perform, even when you’re starting to learn them.

Some of the more advanced sword forms can be slightly acrobatic, but you will learn that weapons are like an extension of your arm.  In this way, sword forms are excellent for providing greater focus in your movements and a perfect accompaniment to your Qigong and Tai Chi classes in Camden & Central London.

For more information about our Qigong and Tai Chi classes in Camden & Central London, take a look at our timetable.

You can also find out more and book your place by calling us on 0208 883 3308 or getting in touch online.

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