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Demo of Live Stream Classes
James Drewe

Demo of Live Stream Classes

Access recordings of our live stream classes ON DEMAND.

Practice wherever & whenever you like with one of London’s best known tai chi teachers.

We’re adding to this catalogue of classes regularly so there will always be something new for you to try!


A gentle and calming practice that can be as demanding as you need.  Becoming aware of posture, and where you are holding your stress.  Qigong focuses on understanding the connective tissues of the body - the tendons, ligaments, and the fascia.

tai chi

Sets of connected movements that are, in effect, your own personal gym which needs no equipment.  Tai chi teaches you to move smoothly and efficiently, calming your sympathetic nervous system, aiding posture and coordination, and involving better breathing.  For those who are interested, there is  the martial aspect of the movements, where every movement also has a self defense function.


Both qigong and tai chi work on breathing, but there are also breathing exercises and methods of breathing to be explored.  These can be used as a meditation, to deliberately generate and guide energy, to destress, and to help the body function more effectively and efficiently.


Good posture is essential, and both tai chi and qigong help to increase awareness of one's posture.  Good posture helps the body to work better, helps to balance the muscular structure of the body, gives space to the organs of the body, and reduces discomfort in the major supportive joints of the body.


Prolonged overactivity of the body's sympathetic nervous system means that our nervous systems never get time to recover, and the pattern of chronic stress is set up where we are never truly relaxed.



practice a single class for £6 (24 hour rental)

get 30 days unlimited access for £50

unlimited members practice for FREE (contact us for your access code)

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