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Over 30 Years of Experience

Tai Chi & Qigong Classes in Westminster, Central London

The Abbey Centre, 34 Great Smith Street, London SW1P 3BU.

Tai Chi & Qigong Classes in Westminster

Interested in Tai Chi and Qigong classes in Westminster?

If you live or work close to Central London and think Westminster Tai Chi could be perfect for you, pop along to any of our classes here to try Taiji and Qigong.


Based in Westminster, we hold classes for beginners, with slightly more advanced classes available for intermediate and advanced practitioners.

Tai Chi and Qigong classes in Westminster help to tone your muscles, improve mindfulness, and improve your mobility through purposeful movements and breathing techniques. Both Tai Chi and Qigong classes help to stimulate your body and rebalance your mind using martial arts and meditation techniques.


If you work or live in Central London and are seeking a form of exercise that is relaxing as it is challenging, then our Westminster Tai Chi and Qigong classes might be of interest to you.

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The benefits of Tai Chi and Qigong classes

  • Relief from stress and anxiety

  • Relief from depression and tension

  • Increased mindfulness

  • Improved fitness and muscle tone

  • Improved coordination and balance

  • Aids arthritic or stiff joints

Tai Chi Training

Our Expertise


Tai Chi and Qigong classes in Westminster are led by James Drewe, who has been an instructor since 1988 and is an author of three books on the subject of martial arts. James has studied the Chinese Health Arts since 1975 and has continued to share his knowledge over the decades since then, instructing Tai Chi classes and Qigong classes in Westminster. James ensures his classes are open to all abilities and ages so that everyone can experience the freeing and purposeful power of Chinese martial arts.

About Our Tai Chi Classes Central London

Tai Chi is a combination of a martial art, mindfulness, and a holistic health practice. During our classes, you will learn proper breathing techniques, the ancient movements that increase your mobility and flexibility, and meditation. Our Tai Chi classes at The Abbey Centre in Westminster are an effective way of unwinding and exercising at the same time, especially after a stressful day, and are suitable for any and all abilities and fitness levels.

About our Westminster Qigong Classes


Qigong is a unique exercise for channelling energy levels, improving your overall health, and giving you a greater sense of your own body. We teach two different types of Qigong classes in Westminster: standing Qigong static exercise, and moving Qigong. Our classes focus on relaxing the posture, improving balance, and relaxing built-up tension in muscles. The elderly often find Qigong classes in Westminster beneficial to lowering their risk of falling and injuries.


"I have been attending James Drew's Taiji classes for a number of years at the Abbey community centre. I love the classes for their variety and their attention to detail. We don't just learn to go through the moves of the Taiji form, but we learn also what these moves mean and how we can improve them. Over the years I have found that each move has so many intricate details, that it is impossible to get tired of studying them. James also teaches a variety of health improving Qi Gong forms, including for the digestion, the cardiovascular system, the heart, the liver and the kidneys. They are all fun to do and have the added benefit of improving our health even more."

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To book your trial class or enquire about our Tai Chi in Central London, get in touch with James Drewe today.

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