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At Taiji and Qigong, we understand that some people may prefer to book private Tai Chi lessons instead of coming along to group sessions.  This may be for a variety of reasons, and we offer private lessons for a wide range of people, including complete beginners and highly advanced practictioners alike.  Our highly personalised Tai Chi private lessons are available in London, making sure that they’re easy for you to attend, fitting in with your busy lifestyle.


Private Tai Chi lessons offer more one-to-one interaction than group classes, as every session is tailored specifically to enhance your strengths and improve upon any weaknesses.


Our private Tai Chi lessons focus on you

Your private Tai Chi lessons can be centred on focusing or improving on a variety of forms, including:


  • Hand forms

  • Sword forms

  • Fan forms

  • Applications

  • 2 person forms

  • Qigong exercises for particular conditions

Private Tai Chi and Qigong Lessons

Yang tai chi sabre
Tai chi sabre
Tai chi jian or straight sword
Tai Chi Fan

Tai Chi is an ideal form of exercise for older people and people with restricted mobility, and our private Tai Chi lessons are an opportunity to make the most of everything Tai Chi offers physically and mentally.

Private Tai Chi lessons offer a range of benefits

There are a number of benefits you can prosper from when you choose to take private Tai Chi lessons.  Experienced Tai Chi teacher James Drewe will formulate bespoke lessons depending on your needs, leading to rapid progress in learning and understanding of Tai Chi and Qigong.


You will find that in private Tai Chi lessons, you feel far more able to ask questions, helping you to develop and deepen your knowledge of Tai Chi and Qigong.  Additionally, private lessons give you the opportunity to work on forms that aren’t in the current term’s timetable, making them an excellent choice for advanced practitioners looking to challenge themselves in new ways.

For more information about private Tai Chi lessons in London and Kent, simply email

or call 0208 883 3308 / 07836-710281 today.

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