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Qigong: Benefits to the Digestive System

Not only is Qigong an excellent exercise for practicing mindfulness, it also has a multitude of health benefits that you may not be aware of. 

Qigong classes are a great way to help improve your digestive system which can be a relief if you’ve been struggling with stomach discomfort, or are looking to lose weight. 

As with many martial art practices, specialist breathing techniques are important. Our Qigong classes in London and Kent will ensure you are mastering these skills, and get the most out of your exercises.

If you are looking to improve your digestive system, here are a few of the benefits of practicing Qigong and how it works to help you start feeling better. 

Abdominal Breathing

Qigong has a great number of physical and mental benefits - whatever you are hoping to achieve through your practice, using the correct breathing technique is the first step to success.

This is often referred to as ‘belly breathing’ or ‘abdominal breathing’ because you will notice your abdomen expanding and contracting with each breath, rather than just your chest. 

This is our natural breathing method before we pick up bad habits as we get older - it can be seen in young children and babies. Qigong classes will help remove these bad habits, and allow you to breathe in a way that will incorporate movements in your stomach.
Take notice of your breathing now: is your abdomen moving at all? Spend some time focusing your breathing movements to your abdomen area, and get used to ‘belly breathing’.

Stimulate Digestive Organs

Practicing the best breathing method during Qigong will stimulate movements in the abdomen, which will work to massage the digestive organs. This will lead to more oxygenated blood moving towards these organs, supplying them with energy and improving their overall function.

In short, through correct breathing and the gentle exercise of Qigong, you will aid improvements to circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids in your body.

This will work to break down foods more efficiently, helping to eliminate waste and toxins from your body faster. 

Can Lead to Weight Loss

Qigong classes and ‘belly breathing’ will allow blood to flow quicker and will be able to reach areas of the digestive system that aren’t used to having enough stimulation.

This will lead to an increased use of the energy from food being used, which will help burn more fat as opposed to it being stored.

The increased stimulation of the digestive organs through practicing Qigong may also lead to a smaller appetite, because you are receiving and using more of the energy you need from the food you eat.

Our Qigong Classes in London & Kent

If you are looking for a gentle way to help improve your digestive system, along with other physical benefits, our Qigong classes in London and Kent could be for you.

At Taiji and Qigong, we teach various forms of Qigong, including standing Zhan Zhuang Qigong and moving Daoyin Yangsheng Gong. 

To find out more, or if you’d like to book a Qigong class in either London, Kent or online via Zoom,

check out our classes and prices, call 07836-710281 or contact us online today.

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