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Company Conference Demonstrations/Warm-Ups

James Drewe holds demonstration sessions at conferences, for relaxation and educational purposes.


On-site company courses can be arranged.

Requirements: Either a cleared room, or (weather depending) an outside space.


Conference ‘Warm-Up’

These are one-off sessions as warm-ups for conferences/meetings.

They can be of any duration from 15 minutes to several hours.

Content: This can be either a short set of taiji movements, or a set of Qigong exercises, or both.

The exercises can be adapted for all abilities and levels.


Team ‘bonding’

Exercises for groups who are not used to working together.

Exercises that involve working with either one person or several people.  The exercises are enjoyable to do, involve focus, and awareness of other people.

Some of the exercises involve contact – usually wrist to wrist (partner-work), but this can be omitted as desired.

Exercises that involve sensing someone else’s intentions (called ‘listening’); this is about communication.


Courses for Companies

These are usually on the Company premises, and can be set up on a regular weekly basis.

The course can be any length (e.g. once a week for 4 or more weeks).


Client list includes:

The Foreign Office

Robert Fleming

Friends of the Earth

Barnet Health Authority

The German Embassy

Price Waterhouse


Crisis UK

Corporation of London

Banco Bilbao

Instant Offices Group


Kings College London

Learning and Skills Council

Wellcome Trust


Thomsons Online Benefits

Norton Rose

Abbey National


McDonald's Restaurants

Lyonsdown Media Group

Business & Decision

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