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Tai Chi & Qigong Classes in New Ash Green, Hartley, & Longfield

New Ash Green Village Hall, Centre Rd, New Ash Green, Longfield, Kent.  DA3 8HH.

Taiji and Qigong offer regular Tai Chi and Qigong lessons in New Ash Green, Hartley, and Longfield that are designed to be accessible to everyone, regardless of your age or ability.

James Drewe has been teaching Tai Chi and Qigong in Longfield since 2004, and these regular classes are particularly helpful for people over 60 experiencing arthritis, hip and knee problems.

How to get to the New Ash Green Village Hall.

New Ash Green Village Hall is situated in the centre of New Ash Green.  Close to Hartley, Longfield, New Barn, and Meopham, the village hall is in the shopping area of New Ash Green.


There is ample parking available close by.

Discover Tai Chi and Qigong classes in Kent

Based at New Ash Green Village Hall, our Qigong and Tai Chi classes are held in a light, rectangular room with a heated floor and overlooking the beautiful, green Kent countryside. Under the experienced teachings of James, you will uncover how to move your body, breathe and relax better.

Gently improve your health with Tai Chi and Qigong classes in New Ash Green

Throughout your Tai Chi and Qigong classes, you’ll see your health improve in a number of ways, including:


  • Taking better of your joints

  • Increased, more effective balance

  • Better coordination

For more information about the variety of health benefits you’ll receive from regularly practising Tai Chi and Qigong, take a look at our Why Choose Tai Chi? and Why Choose Qigong? pages.

James Drewe began studying Tai Chi and Qigong in 1975, and has written three highly regarded books on the topic, so you can feel confident that he has the experience and expertise to guide you to improving your health with Tai Chi and Qigong. As a qualified acupuncturist, he brings this knowledge to your Qigong exercises for an even greater insight to this art.


As a qualified secondary school teacher with his PGCE from Goldsmiths, London, James also understands how to effectively teach adults of all ages.

View the timetable for our Tai Chi and Qigong classes here.

To find out more about Tai Chi and Qigong classes in Longfield, Hartley, or New Ash Green, or to book your place,

don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call 0208 883 3308.  Alternatively, you can get in touch with us online.

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