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Tai Chi and Qigong Lessons in Sevenoaks

James Drewe provides a wide range of Taiji and Qigong lessons for all ages and skill levels across Sevenoaks. With more than 45 years of experience in the practice and teaching of both Taiji and Qigong, James has the necessary knowledge and expertise to deliver classes that will help to improve your health and mobility.


Over the years James has developed a reputation for delivering enjoyable and insightful lessons for all skill levels. James will tailor his lessons towards the group's ability, allowing every student to enjoy themselves whilst improving their technique and skills. The therapeutic nature of Tai Chi can help improve both physical and mental health and is a particularly popular and effective exercise for those who are recovering from injury. 

James takes an approach that aims to make the learning process as straightforward and simple as possible. This allows for those of all skill levels and experience to maintain motivation and enjoyment during each and every class. The beauty of Tai Chi is that despite it being an incredibly difficult martial art to master, it is still thoroughly enjoyable for those who have little to no experience. If you are looking for Tai Chi or Qigong lessons in Kent, James Drewe promises to provide you with enjoyable classes that result in an extensive range of physical and mental benefits.

Tai Chi Classes Kent

James Drewe provides expert Tai Chi lessons in Sevenoaks for individuals of all abilities and age groups. Tai Chi combines exercises that are designed for improving and maintaining health as well as techniques for self-defence. There are numerous health benefits to taking part in Tai Chi lessons no matter your skill level. Tai Chi is also suitable for all age groups due to the lack of stress on muscles and joints, making it the perfect exercise for those who suffer from rheumatoid or osteoarthritis. Some other benefits include:

  • Relief for stress and anxiety

  • Improved balance

  • Increased calmness and confidence

  • Improved muscle tone and balance

For those who have an office job where they are sat at their desk for long periods of time, Tai Chi could be the perfect solution. Through various exercises, Tai Chi will help to improve your mobility and flexibility that may otherwise be suffering. James Drewes Tai Chi classes in Sevenoaks help to improve your range of movement through light exercise and stretching and is a great way to combat the range of health issues that arise from sitting at your desk for long periods.

Qigong Classes Kent

Qigong classes involve unique exercises that help to improve energy levels as well as your physical and mental health. The classes aim to help with the development of good posture, muscle tone and improve the overall awareness of your body's movement. The combination of breathing techniques and movement aims to heal both the mind and body. Qigong classes are very popular for older age groups as they can help reduce the risk of falling and injuries. Although Qigong still has fantastic benefits for those of all age groups.


Get in Touch

To find out more about our Taiji and Qigong classes that are available in Sevenoaks, get in touch with us today. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have and can recommend which classes best suit your needs and skill level. Dont hesitate to get in touch and start enjoying the extensive benefits of Tai Chi and Qigong today.

Call: 020-8883 3308 / 07836-710281

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