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Aspects of the Yang 24-Step Tai Chi Form

This course will look at various aspects of tai chi using the 24-Step as the working tool.  It is helpful if you know the form, but not essential that you are familiar with the entire form.

The aim isn't to learn the form, but to take a detailed look at various parts of it, e.g. opening & closing, using the centre, how to apply the principles of tai chi, how to balance the body, how to work from the centre, so as to understand how the body works efficiently, comfortably and effectively within movements. 

With this in mind, participants are very welcome to ask as many questions as they like about the movements including their applications.

Contact details for further information:

Please email us and we will reply as soon as possible.

Huang Ping
Tel:     020-8883 3308

Mob:   07836-710281


For payment, bank details are:-

A/C Name: Taiji co uk

A/C: 92111043

S/C: 09-01-28

Master Huang Ping Course - Sat. 24th Feb.

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