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Sinking your Boat: (4) Results.

Posture. If you constantly try to sink your boat, your posture will improve, and if you have back problems, sinking your hull will almost definitely help relieve those problems.

Why? Because, when you sink your boat, your pelvis releases and softens, ⇒  which means that the angle of your pelvis alters, ⇒  which means that the alignment of your spine alters, ⇒  which means that your lumbar spine changes position and your vertebrae cease compressing and open slightly, and a release takes place, ⇒  which means that you stop clenching your buttocks, ⇒  which means that the internal muscles within your pelvis relax and stop trying 1) to draw the left and right sides of the pelvis together like a tightening horizontal elastic band, and 2) to draw the spine and legs together like a tightening vertical elastic band, ⇒  which means that there is more space for your internal organs within the pelvis, ⇒  which means that the front of your pelvis lifts slightly, ⇒  which means that the front of the body, up to and including both the sternum and the shoulders, softens and releases, allowing your shoulders to settle, ⇒  which means that the rib cage relaxes, your lung capacity increases, and your breathing improves which directly affect both your nervous system and your cardiovascular system, ⇒  which means that the mobility of your ribs is increased directly affecting your thoracic spine, ⇒  which means that your shoulder blades soften and sink, ⇒  which means that your pelvis relaxes even more at the back ……


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